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Javascript is a scripting language, the most commonly used scripting language in browsers.  It has a long history with its issues, but today it is considered a professional scripting and programming language.  It's the thing that makes websites do many funky things, bringing life to static pages.

We try to use Javascript sparingly, and emphasize an approach to building websites and applications that also works without Javascript enabled, to make them accessible to users with various disabilities.

Morten built big Javascript libraries for cross-browser and cross-OS compatability in the late nineties and can still perform some magic with lots of experience in programming (development).



Screenshots, links and info about some of the customers we've served over the years.

We've served many customers over the years, below is a selection of customers that serve as examples of what we can contribute to. :)


Norges Blindeforbund (The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a customer we've done a lot of work for, and they have been pleased with the results as you can see on our clients page.


We've done various work for IICD and as you can see their website is functional and stylish.  They were also pleased with our work.