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Introduction to Firefox, part 5, installing and using add-ons

Mozilla Firefox is an application with many features and functions, and the browser allows us to download and install add-ons. Throughout this part of the Mozilla Firefox series I will elaborate on the subject of how to install the add-ons. As for this article, I'm going to install the add-on "Speed Dial". :) I will elaborate on the "Speed Dial" a bit later in this article.

To get started, click on the upper left Firefox-button, and then click on Add-ons as shown here:


Go to add-ons view


You can also access the add-ons screen via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-A (⌘-Shift-A on Mac).  And when clicking or using the keyboard, the following screen will appear:


Add-on screen, search box highlight


As you can see, I've highlighted the box where you enter the name of the extension or feature you're looking for.  Enter "Speed dial" in the search box and press enter.


Firefox add-ons screen, 'speed dial' search results, install button highlight


This is the result you should get.  I've highlighted the install button in the image above, click on it and the add-on should get installed.  The add-on screen should now look something like this:


Firefox add-on screen, add-on installed, restart or undo options


Voila, add-on installed! :)  As you can see in the highlight, you among other things, have the option to restart Firefox, which is often required when add-ons are installed.  So restart Firefox...

When you restart Firefox you might get prompted for "Spee dial settings";  setup your settings there, or as I did, skip that setup and go for the full configuration option via the add-ons screen.  So, press Ctrl-Shift-A (⌘-Shift-A on Mac), select the puzzle piece on the left hand side and click on the options button as highlighted here:


Firefox add-ons, extensions view, speed dial highlight


And there you will be presented with a lot of options for the Speed Dial add-on, or "extension" as some might say.  It's a bit beyond the scope to explain the configuration of Speed Dial, so give it a try and see if you can figure it out.  :)

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