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SSL Certificate

840.00,- NOK

If you have sensitive data (like personal information, credit card information and so on) entered on your site - you might want to consider using an SSL certificate to make the transfer across the internet safe.

This package includes the extra IP you need to run an SSL site.

The price listed is per year.



Screenshots, links and info about some of the customers we've served over the years.

We've served many customers over the years, below is a selection of customers that serve as examples of what we can contribute to. :)


Norges Blindeforbund (The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a customer we've done a lot of work for, and they have been pleased with the results as you can see on our clients page.


We've done various work for IICD and as you can see their website is functional and stylish.  They were also pleased with our work.