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Busy times

We're currently migrating European customers from old servers to a new, quite powerful machine that is well connected. We're mostly done with the migrations now, just the customers on Zooropa that remain.. so we'll get through those of you who remain this month, and by the start of next month, you should all be experiencing improved uptime, network speed and application speed.

We're also currently looking into improving the (already quite good) service on our Canadian servers, so stay tuned.

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Mini package dropped

After a trial period, we've come to the conclusion that the mini package isn't that interesting for our customers so we're dropping it. Those who already have the mini package will get free standard hosting until their hosting period is over, and then the option to continue if they want to. :)

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Updated features on products, new prices for servers

We've updated our Plus package, so you can now have 3 domains on each Plus account. We've also lowered the prices on all 3 dedicated servers, and we're now probably the cheapest Zope server hosting provider out there. :)

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Updated prices on bandwidth

Due to high bandwidth costs, we have to raise our own prices for bandwidth - on standard it now costs 3$ per extra GB, and on Plus/Webmaster it costs 2$ per GB.

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We're starting to test Ruby on rails

Due to popular demand, we're now starting to test Ruby on rails - and we should have some packages ready for sale by the end of the month.

If you're interested in purchasing a Ruby on rails package, let us know and we can have a chat about it. :-)

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