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Planned downtime for old mail system

In the period Friday, November 18, 2005. from 12:00 AM EDT to 06:00 AM there will be sporadic outages due to network and power system upgrades.

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Mail delay

The mail system queue on our old server has had some problems the last 18 hours, so some users might have experienced delayed deliveries of emails. It should be fixed now, and the system is working through the backlog.

We apologize for the inconvenice.

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Slow responses when reading and sending mail

Some users might be experiencing slow response times on the old mail server; we're currently working to resolve this. Thank you for your patience.

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Delay in mailinglists

Due to a stop in the mailing list process, mail sent via mailinglists in the shared Zope was delayed. No email has been lost however.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Outage on mailserver

There was an outage today on the mailserver, where mail was unavailable for about 3 hours. It's been fixed now however, and we won't see these when we've made some changes to the system.

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Mail system unavailable

We're working on the mail system at the moment, to fix the intermittent problems with outgoing mail, as well as some problems retrieving incoming mail. It should be available again shortly, thank you for your patience.

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Webmail upgraded

Squirrelmail, our webmail client, has been upgraded to version 1.4.4. Enjoy!

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Intermittent mail problems

We've had some problems lately with the mail system being unavailable, for 2-3 hours on the 2nd of January, and 1 hour yesterday. The mail system was moved to a new server just before christmas, so it's natural that it might take some time before things settle in.

We're looking into the cause of this, and as always we're working towards giving you the best hosting platform possible.

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Mail system migration successful

The mail system migration we started on Sunday has been successful, no mail has been reported lost, and only some minor issues with permissions (which are now fixed) have been reported.

The new mail server is faster than the old one, and should also be more stable (in terms of network connection).

Enjoy! :)

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