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Plone sites to be upgraded (important security fix)

We're upgrading Plone 3.x sites on the Paid support plan with new PAS modules, as the existing ones have a security flaw:

We recommend that everyone on Plone 3.x upgrade their PAS to avoid users compromising the system.

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All paid support accounts have been upgraded with new Python

All paid support customers are now running with a new version of Python, which has patches for various security bugfixes.

We strongly recommend that all our customers upgrade to this new version of python - it is located on


Some people might have instances that require an upgrade to be able to run Zope with Python 2.4 - please get in touch if you do require this and we can schedule consulting for an upgrade.

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Changes in paid support package

We've changed the contents of the paid support package, and if you're a Paid support customer, please review the new features:

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Zope hotfix 20070320

We've installed Zope hotfix 20070320 for all our Paid Support and Standard customers, and urge all customers running Zope 2.8+ to install the hotfix. More information can be found here:

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Hotfix 2006-08-21 installed

We've installed the latest Hotfix for our Paid support and standard customers; to read more about it, see this page:

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Zope Hotfix-2006-07-05 installed

We've installed a Zope hotfix for all our Paid Support customers, and for our Standard customers as well.

We recommend that everyone installs this hotfix, as it affects all recent versions of Zope, up to and including 2.9.3.

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Plone Hotfix 2006-05-18 1.0 installed

Plone Hotfix 2006-05-18 has been installed for all Paid Support customers, as well as for shared 1 and shared 2.

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Plone Hotfix 2006-04-10 installed

Plone Hotfix 2006-04-10 has been installed for all Paid support, shared and COP customers.

This fixes 3 vulnerabilities related to permissions in Plone. We recommend all customers who are running Plone to add this Hotfix.

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CMFContentPanels added to trials

We're now supporting CMFContentPanels on a trial basis, for paid support.

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Restore from backups now included in Paid support

We're now including restoration from backups in paid support. This means that we will not charge per hour when restoring Zope instances and MySQL databases.

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Mailing lists

Mailing lists are now a standard feature in the paid support package - in other words, we can install and setup mailing lists for you if you have paid support.

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New products on trial

We have a number of new products on trial for Paid support, which are:


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CMFBoard removed from shared and paid support

Due to numerous problems, CMFBoard is no longer a supported product. We advise against using it and recommend products like zForum or PloneBoard instead.

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Testing new products

We've added a number of supported products for testing in our paid support package:

  CPSSkins (current stable is 2.2.2)

which means that we're currently testing them to see if they're possible to support. Paid support is available for USD 29/month or 290/year. It also includes a number of other goodies - so if you're interested in using it, let us know. :)

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