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Migration process started

We've now started the migration process, for moving instances off the shared Zope server. This is to provide you with a more stable shared Zope hosting experience.

We believe the new servers will be faster and more reliable than the old used to be, and look forward to providing you an improved service. :)

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Downtime on shared server

The shared server had an outage of about 1 hour today, as critical network problems had to be adressed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A bit later there was another outage, due to extensive file system checking, but it's now up again.

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High system load, slow response times

The server Yellow Submarine had some maintenance tasks performed today, and at times sites hosted on the server may have responded slower than usual. We're looking into ways of making the maintenance have less of an impact next time around.

Thank you for you patience.

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