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Shared Zope upgraded to Issue Dealer 0.9.59

See for more info on the recent changes to this product.

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Issue Dealer on the shared instance (Europe) has been upgraded to version 0.9.53

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Shared Zope Europe upgraded to Issue Dealer 0.9.50

The Issue Dealer has been upgraded to (unreleased) version 0.9.50, which will be released to the public shortly.

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Shared Zope Europe upgraded to Plone 2.0.4

See for more information about the change.

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Hotfix installed on shared Zope in Europe and the US

A security exploit that's related to Zope's copying mechanism has been patched, for more info about the exploit, see:

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Downtime on European server

Our European server was down for a couple of hours early morning Thursday CET, as the system was upgraded. Our apologies for any inconvencies this may have caused.

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