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For the next ones, TinyMCE issues after installing another product

So, I've training a new guy to create new products from scratch, and in that process we encountered an issue with TinyMCE not working after Products.MenuNavigation 1.0a2 was installed.

The product was using the Extensions/ approach on a recent version of Plone 4. Things looked OK, but I could see the TinyMCE editor didn't display as it should. It rendered the textarea in HTML as it should with all the buttons and so on, but only a simple text area was displayed. To make things more interesting, using kupu instead as an editor fixed all problems.

After some debugging and cleaning up of unecessary code, I added profiles/default/metadata.xml, types.xml, types directory with MenuPage.xml and skins.xml. That worked.

So if you encounter something strange with TinyMCE after installing other products, check to see if the new product is using a proper GenericSetup approach, I guess this is the way forward anyway, unless you have a product that is spanning a wide number of Plone versions.

And roll back the transactions from the install new product point, I don't think reinstalling a product with a GS setup profile will fix TinyMCE once it has been broken.

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