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Company website upgrade, day 3.5

I decided that today I was going to launch the site, regardless of small bugs that still were present.

The responsive skin suited us well, but I had to make some final adjustments. I decided the big header image could be dropped from screens that were < 768 pixels wide in styles.css and that the footer info could be dropped from the theme index.html (it has a sharp dark blue) and the page would look cleaner that way.

So far so good.

We had been working on the Webshop in parallel with this, refactoring and moving HTML-y stuff out to templates, and those templates were missing the i18n:domain attribute. So, OK, I have to update some templates with a domain setting for translations. Did that, checked the webshop and nothing. After some thinking and fiddling with styles etc. I remembered it could be compiling the translations files - as nothing else was getting translated as well.

Well, things weren't heavily tested, so I decided to just launch the thing and stick a "(Beta)" besides the logo.

After removing the footer, proper credit to Simples Consultoria wasn't given, so I added an about (om in Norwegian) page for the website where they are credited, as well as some actions which are shown in the upper right corner for contact, about the webpage etc.

Voila, site launched. Have a look at using your computer or any other device. Looks pretty good doesn't it? :)

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