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2 new products released, PloneboardComments and CalendarListingPortlet

So, I released some new products to the Plone community the last couple of weeks. These are products we've been using a while internally and I found that now was a good time to release these publicly.

The first is called Products.PloneboardComments, and it is a product that replaces the default discussion system in Plone in favor of Ploneboard. When configured with a PloneboardComments object, it will override the folder it lies in and any subobjects of that folder, making these objects discussable in a configured forum.

It is located here:

The second is CalendarListingPortlet, I think we wrote this a long time ago when we needed some specific listing (internally published events) in an intranet, it is still in use and working today. A simple little thing that will probably become more user-configurable in the future.

And that's located here:

Enjoy, and please do send feedback :)

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