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Some accessibility improvements, ScreenReaderNavigation

A while ago I posted this PLIP on

Which suggests changing a fair bit of the layout of Plone, to make it more accessible. Today I released Products.ScreenReaderNavigation which overrides the standard navigation portlet to give start and end headers so that users of braille for example can easily find the navigation portlet within everything that is on a standard Plone page.

It is here:

The customer has quite a big site and there are many enhancements done to improve its accessibility for visually impaired (among others) users. I've learned that there are quite a bit of things to think about for handicapped users, for example that a user only has one hand, is deaf or has any combination of different things that impairs their use of what many consider standard web features.

Anyway, this product is a step in the right direction, and it really is good to enable everyone to participate so that people of all walks are included in what most people take for granted.

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