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Updates to MegamanicEdit and Products.MegamanicEditContentTypes

So I released a new version of MegamanicEditContentTypes again today, as a customer needs it for a somewhat urgent project.

The changes in the latest release were

Making email messages "protected" by default.
Adding search form and mailing form for contacts.
Improving generation of Email message sender info
Fixing up some permission settings

Which basically means that email messages are taken out of any regular workflow and its View permissions set to the roles Owner and Manager.

The whole contact thing needed a search form as well, so I created one where the results page can be used to create an email message.

I also found that the permission settings on some content classes were too widely set (public) and restricted these to a user with a View permission.

Not any really big visual changes, but the contact search page should make this product a more attractive contact database / mailing solution.

One more note as well: one should enable member areas, as that folder will get an emails folder with all emails sent from that user.

[Later.. update to fix feed bugs]

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