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An event with extended attendee handling, updates to ME and MECT

So the last week or so I've been working on a customers' wishes to have an event that professionals in their field could sign up for.

Some years ago I created a modified version of the regular Event type in Plone which could accept attendees, but found that it would probably be easier (and cooler) to develop this system to depend on the MegamanicEdit package.

So I ended up adding some new code to MegamanicEdit which makes the Contact landing page (which is used in AttendeeEvent) accept some more setup info as well as looking outside (above) itself to see if there are any limitations on how many objects can be added (event visitors registered).

The whole attendee event thing works well, it's a bit rough around the edges (unpolished) but should serve the goal of lessening the administrative burden for the customer.

There is also a feature in MegamanicEdit that many might not be aware of, and that is that you can (in a contact landing page object which uses the ME template system) specify which fields should be required, and which fields should be displayed in a listing of those who have registered.

So with a Ctrl-click on the tabular listing one can easily copy over data from registered users. There is a half-baked export to CSV feature in MegamanicEdit as well, but for now the Ctrl-click should suffice.

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