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Products.MegamanicEditContentTypes - a new content class group

So MegamanicEdit has been a pet project of mine for a while, and today I made another release of it.

I've also been working to create a unified "content class" package for different content (such as what used to be in the GrailTact package)..

So now there is a package, and it is available here:

It contains contact, contact landing page, email and various small content classes such as email address. My hope is that this project will grow, and with the technical foundation in MegamanicEdit which uses Archetypes there is a lot of potential. [:)

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Python, Zope, Plone - and anything loosely related to that (Atom feed)] [2012 26 Apr 13:35 GMT+2]

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