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A little about Products.EnhancedNewsItemImage

So a little while ago I released that product onto PyPi:

After having used that set of code in production for some years. We developed it initially for two reasons, one was that captions were needed on all images as we were building a site for an organization for visually impaired users..

In the same go, we found that we could probably save some space and work/time on making it possible to select images already added on the site (IIRC it was a customer request).

So this package does those two things fairly well, it enables different sources for an image, and it always asks for an image caption, if an image has been set.

Now this is another package to blog about, but I haven't gotten too much response from these packages, thinking on the upside, I think that must be because they work. Would be nice to get an email ( from people who use it though. :)

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