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All about contacts and multiediting

So, last week I made a release of GrailTact and MegamanicEdit, two tools used to manage contacts and make structured editing of objects easier.

GrailTact is a contact database in its own right, and long-term the plan is to create the best contact database / address book available for Plone, with syncing towards GMail, Facebook and so on.

About 10 years ago I worked on a framework somewhat similar to Archetypes, called Warp Framework. So I have some experience with those kinds of frameworks.. MegamanicEdit is an add-on to Archetypes that enables breaking up the usual way of using Archetypes, that is, by making many small classes and a main content type, so for example a Contact class object can have multiple Email subobjects, and through MegamanicEdit one can edit all of these objects at once, through the MegamanicEdit edit view.

I think with a good collection of different simple content classes, such as for example Email address with the fields Email and Description, creating and managing Archetypes projects can be easier and more productive than they have been so far.

A limitation of MegamanicEdit is that it is only tested with a few types of fields and widgets, so longer term it should explicitly support for example HTML (text) fields as well.

You can see the two egg packages here:

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