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If they're serious about standards..

So, today after some debate I had to deal with Internet Explorer and a Javascript image rotator that didn't work as it should in IE 9.

The site is somewhat old, so I tried different X-UA-Compatible headers..

After trying different settings, main_template has been customized and modified to include a junk define statement which sets the HTTP response header

<html xmlns="
      tal:define="lang language; xyz python:request.RESPONSE.setHeader('X-UA-Compatible', 'IE=edge')"

and things work swimmingly well. I tried looking at the jquery package (this is a rather old setup) and it was 1.1.2. Bumping it to 1.1.4 did not fix anything.

The MS docs explicitly says that edge mode shouldn't be used in anything but testing, but it does the trick here.. and when I think about it, IE should have two "edge" modes, "edge" and "bleedingedge". Why you say? Because browsers these days update rapidly, and bleedingedge could be considered alpha - until browser makers *together* find a "contract" on how an HTML, Javascript or CSS element should behave. That way we can avoid further fragmentation of how standards are implemented.

I don't know how this works with other browsers, but seems obvious to me that this is a good way to deal with standards-in-motion and frequent browser updates.

If that doesn't work, then some common HTML/Javascript/CSS library which bridges the gap between implementations will be sorely needed, and maybe that's how it will end up in the end.

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Modern Plone versions do this for you

By: Alex Limi

Just wanted to note that any modern (4.x) version of Plone will do this for you automatically, unless I'm mis-remembering.

And chrome frame too

By: Morten W. Petersen

Yeah, OK. I see that's in the github repository's main_template yes. I also read up on chrome=1 now, and that's a great feature.. now I feel a bit more optimistic! :)

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