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Plone news items with blob storage!

So, we've had a customer running iw.fss for a while (has quite a bit of data and usage) and now we're moving them off it and onto

In that process I managed to pack up the News Item patch into a product, so that others can start new sites with a patched storage.

The patched field is a verbatim copy of what's already in's schema, except that it makes use of's ImageField for storage.

Here it is:

Migrating existing news items to new storage is left as an exercise to the reader (hint: look at

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Python, Zope, Plone - and anything loosely related to that (Atom feed)] [2012 28 Feb 10:37 GMT+2]


using with 4.1.4

By: Iain


just came across your product and thought it sounded great. Tried it on a fresh install of Plone 4.1.4 (from the Unifiedinstaller) but the image upload form doesn't appear on the "Add News Item" page. No errors shown when running in fg mode. Any ideas?

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