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New hosting partner Copyleft, Nidelven IT LTD focuses on consulting

Hi. The last couple of months we've been working to sell and subsequently hand over the hosting business we have to Copyleft.

After some years of hosting, we found that we could not provide a good hosting service without it taxing our employees too much, and we want to go back to selling one product: our (consulting) time.

Copyleft have been taking care of a lot of our hosting tasks the last couple of years and we're happy with the level of service they have provided. As a part of taking over our hosting business, they also take over 2 employees so there will be continuity to the service you have received and will receive in the future.

Copyleft will also announce some improvements to the hosting part in the time to come, and they will give you information about that in the time to come.

The infrastructure for hosting and the commitment we have to our customers will be the same as before.

So, after 9 years of hosting we're done, and we know this will lead to a better service to our customers, be more fun for us, and also better for our partners. Thanks for hosting with us, and do choose Copyleft as they will be combining their experience with hosting with ours.

Copyleft is a 40-man strong company residing primarily in Norway and Mexico, and they have a strong focus on FOSS:

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