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Issues with begna

Due to issues with Begna, we're migrating customers off it to make sure websites respond as they should.

There has been some problems with Begna, but we didn't hear any customer complaints; when we inspected things more closely, we found that the server was at times responding a lot slower than it should.

Therefore we have done some work now, and will finish up within a day or two the process of migrating customers from Begna.

I feel this is a bit below our standard, but we will learn from this and implement better tests and monitoring for the future.


We've migrated some accounts to a fresh server, but are experiencing some setbacks which are being dealed with. If your site is down, please send us a friendly reminder on the address.

[Even later..]

OK, looks like things are under control. We have a handful of customers to migrate, then things should be working "on par" for all customers.

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