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Migration of servers at Nidelven IT Ltd

Dear Customer,

Due to the recent migration of all servers at Nidelven IT Ltd there has
been a change in the IP addresses of the servers which host your site.

Domains which are managed by Nidelven IT Ltd have been automatically
changed to point to the new IP addresses. Nidelven IT Ltd hereby
requests you to change the IP addresses of your domains which are not
being managed by our DNS servers.

The DNS can be looked up at On the page,
please enter the domain name in the filed labelled "Hostname or IP",
select the "Type" to be "A" and click "Resolve". If the check returns
the following nameservers in the "Answer" section:

please contact the managers of the domain and have the nameservers set
to the following:

If you are using anything other than Nettica or Copyleft nameservers,
please update the IP entries in your DNS configuration to reflect the
new IP address. The map of the new IP address are put up at the Nidelven
IT Ltd's hosting weblog which can be found at Inconvenience caused is
deeply regretted and we request you to take this small step as a process
of participating in our improved hosting services.

This would also serve as a gentle reminder that it is of a definite
advantage to have the domains and DNS managed by Nidelven IT Ltd, as,
for such domains, the changes are automatic. Domains are charged at a
fair rate while the DNS management is free of charge. Nidelven IT Ltd
thanks you for your cooperation.

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