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New pricing structure

Due to the downfall of the US Dollar over the past years, we have
decided to change our pricing policy. The present pricing system is
based on static prices in all of our operating currencies; NOK, USD and EUR.

In our new pricing system we will have static prices in NOK, and dynamic
prices in USD and EUR. The prices in USD and EUR will vary with the
day-to-day exchange rate compared to NOK.

Regarding our Norwegian prices, most of them will stay the same, and
some will even be reduced.

When we established the company in 2002, the exchange rate between USD
and NOK was around 7. We decided then to create the static price list in
USD based on the factor 7. Later we did the same with EUR based on the
factor 8 compared to our Norwegian prices.

Since 2002 the exchange rate for the USD has slowly fallen, and is today
at approximately 5.4. The EUR has also fallen, but not that significant.
Because of the unstable USD, we feel that we can't base a price list on
it. Most of our expenses and employees are based in Norway, and a low
exchange rate for the USD will affect our possibility to give you the
service that you deserve.

Since you are an existing customer, this will take effect on the
expiration date of your hosting period, but not earlier than April 2nd 2008.

For example, if your hosting period expires in March or on April 1st
2008, your next invoice will be based on the old pricing system. But if
your hosting period expires later than April 1st 2008, your next invoice
will be based on the new pricing system.

We hope you understand this issue, because we value your business.

Kind regards,
Stig R. Oyra and Morten W. Petersen
Nidelven IT

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"Due to the downfall of the US Dollar"?!

By: anonymous coward

"Due to the downfall of the US Dollar"

While the dollar is in bad shape it still exists. Perhaps you don't know the meaning of the world downfall!


By: Kit Blake

"Dramatic slide"? "Steep dive"? "Steady decline"? :)


By: Morten W. Petersen

It wasn't much fun seeing it slide downwards, that's for sure. ;)

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