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Regarding monthly payments

From 01. February 2007 we will no longer accept monthly payments for
hosting services. Instead we will introduce the quarterly payment, where
you will get an invoice every 3rd month. The quartely payment is only
available to customers with a minimum buy worth of 300 USD per year. If
you buy services from us worth under 300 USD per year, i.e. the Standard
hosting package or the Plus hosting package, you will have to pay
annually. See about refunds below.

Please note that this change will be valid from your next invoice. If
you have an unpaid invoice, just pay it as usual.

Your account will automatically be transfered into either the quarterly
or the yearly payment schedule, based on the conditions mentioned above.
If you have other requests, please contact us.

The annual fee is overall a much more cheaper alternative for you than
paying monthly/quarterly. If you pay the annual fee, you will get a two
month discount compared to the monthly/quarterly fee.

About refunds:

Any prepaid hosting services will be refunded on a monthly basis,
meaning that if you pay for 1 year and cancel after 5 1/2 months, you
will get a refund for 6 months.
Payments for domain services and SSL certificates will not be refunded,
as we also pay for these on a yearly basis.

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