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CMFBoard to Ploneboard migration pledge drive

We have a number of customers of the non-profit type (artistic and idealistic organizations) that are stuck with CMFBoard and Plone 2.0.5.

We would like to help these users migrate to Plone 2.1.2 which has more and improved features, but CMFBoard is a showstopper as people have invested time in posts written on these forums and they can't just be deleted.

We can't finance this on our own, therefore we are asking all members of the Plone community to pledge a small or larger sum of money towards a set of scripts and Howto's that will help people get rid of the CMFBoard nuisance.

The scripts that are created will not retain all of the properties from CMFBoard, but we will be able to convert the most important parts, the forums and the postings.

If the pledge drive generates enough money, time will also be spent implementing new features on Ploneboard, if you have specific things you would like to have implemented, specify that along with your pledge. If the new Ploneboard features are similar to those already in CMFBoard, the migration scripts created will also convert these.

The scripts will of course be available under an Open Source license.

If you would like to pledge a sum to this effort, send an email to morten (at) specifying the amount and any features you'd like to see, or leave a comment with the same information as well as your email address.

Thank you.

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Netsight pledged 200 Euros

By: Morten W. Petersen

Yay! :)

CMFBoard can be migrated to be used with Plone2.1

By: Rudá Porto Filgueiras

After the creator of CMFBoard, I'm the oficial mantainer.

I wrote some patches and get CMFBoard-2.1.3 and CMFBoard-2.1.4 working with Plone2.1.

I get to off my client sites migrated:

I need only to write a tutorial and discover why Topics and Messagens change the modfied date when I run the Archetypes update_schema.

Cliff Quinn has pledged 50 Canadian dollars

By: Morten W. Petersen

Thanks Cliff!

CMFBoard and Ploneboard

By: Morten W. Petersen

Rudá, maybe you would be interested in collaborating with the Ploneboard developers to get a good, proper forum working with Plone 2.1?

CMFBoard has given us many headaches in the past, but there is a need for a forum solution, so something that works has to be built..

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