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(X)HTML is shorthand for (eXstensible) HyperText Markup Language.  It's the language and tool used to mark up (put text and content into a descriptive context) and is the most important part of a modern, accessible web page.

The nature and semantics of HTML enables us to create for example content within a web page that has a special meaning.  Header text, emphasized, italic and other text give a visual presentation as well as a logical (machine) presentation of content.  The most important feature of HTML can arguably be said to be the linking feature, that is that you can go to another place (that was a link) from the page you're currently on.

HTML is simple but also powerful in its simplicity, for example a popular article or website can be ranked by the number of incoming links it has, a simplicity Google exploited and still exploits to provide users with relevant and good content.

We know HTML very well, and have had clients with special accessibility needs, so we know how to create basic, good, structured and easy to use "web applications" that for example blind users can use easily and productively.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are tools / languages (technologies) used in combination to present good-looking and practical "web applications", but as noted above, the main features and functionality should always come through and via HTML.  Javascript is the "programming glue" that can be used on HTML and CSS to alter the default (or specified) features that have been set in the HTML and CSS.  With this you can for example see that clicking on a link in Facebook to update your status instantly creates a box you can write into, while with HTML only, you would be taken to a new page (or maybe not if you're using iframes) to enter a status update there.

So in short, things should work by themselves using HTML and CSS, but you *can* enhance your web application and make it more interactive with Javascript.



Screenshots, links and info about some of the customers we've served over the years.

We've served many customers over the years, below is a selection of customers that serve as examples of what we can contribute to. :)


Norges Blindeforbund (The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a customer we've done a lot of work for, and they have been pleased with the results as you can see on our clients page.


We've done various work for IICD and as you can see their website is functional and stylish.  They were also pleased with our work.