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Plone hosting

We used to do hosting, but that has now been taken over by our partners over at Copyleft.  They provide the same packages we used to offer, and have also/will improve the services.

Plone is the system of choice for many of our customers.  Plone is a modern, fully fledged content management system with additional products such as weblogs, photo albums and media handling available as addons.

We have a lot of experience hosting and developing small and large scale Plone sites, so if you want to feel comfortable knowing that there's always someone there to cover your back, choose our services.

We estimate we had around 500 Plone sites in our server park while doing hosting, ranging from small personal websites to large multi-server, load balanced websites.

For more info about pricing, see our hosting page.  You can also sign up for a Plone demo and get instant access to a Plone demonstration site.



Screenshots, links and info about some of the customers we've served over the years.

We've served many customers over the years, below is a selection of customers that serve as examples of what we can contribute to. :)


Norges Blindeforbund (The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a customer we've done a lot of work for, and they have been pleased with the results as you can see on our clients page.


We've done various work for IICD and as you can see their website is functional and stylish.  They were also pleased with our work.