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Zope/Plone hosting and consulting...

Nidelven IT Ltd is a supplier in Norway of  Zope consulting (development) and Plone consulting (development). This is for all aspects of Zope and Plone, from development to training, server management/hosting and other things.

Some of the things we can provide

A web site featuring..

  • A webshop
  • Interactive, responsive design (theme)
  • Easy sharing of images, files, links and other content
  • Web marketing, analysis to convert visitors to customers
  • Discussion forums, for community cohesion and communication


A web site with an intranet/extranet..

  • That has a private news section for a group of members/employees
  • Voting/polls - get feedback on various subjects from members/employees
  • Logins integrated with existing member/employee databases for shared passwords, email addresses etc.
  • Group "spaces" where for example project work can be done with files, images, discussions and so on


And much more.  The limit is really only your budget and available time.  :)

We've existed since 2002 and have since that time served hundreds of small, medium and large customers.  See our clients pages.

We use Python.



Screenshots, links and info about some of the customers we've served over the years.

We've served many customers over the years, below is a selection of customers that serve as examples of what we can contribute to. :)


Norges Blindeforbund (The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a customer we've done a lot of work for, and they have been pleased with the results as you can see on our clients page.


We've done various work for IICD and as you can see their website is functional and stylish.  They were also pleased with our work.